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  • Thu, Apr 4th 2024
    The latest information on intellectual property in Japan has been updated.   read more
  • Thu, Feb 8th 2024
    Dear Colleagues: It is with great sadness to announce that Hiroshi Maeda, the founder and the chairperson of our firm, passed away on February 1, 2024.  Mr. Maeda will be sorely missed by all...
  • Mon, Apr 17th 2023
    April 14, 2023, In light of the changes in the status of COVID-19 under the Infectious Disease Control Law and other factors, JPO has decided to terminate the handling provisionally stipulated for...
  • Fri, Jan 13th 2023
    Our telephones, facsimiles, file transfer system, and email system will be down from Jan 21, 2023 (Sat.), 9:00 a.m. to Jan 22, 2023 (Sun.), 3:00 p.m. (Japan time) due to power safety...
  • Fri, Nov 15th 2019
    November 9 (Sat)-12 (Tue), 2019, APAA meeting was held in Taipei, Taiwan.APAA is a member of 24 countries, including Asia and Oceania, with a total membership of over 2000.A large number of...