Since our founding, MAEDA & PARTNERS has earned a strong reputation in the mechanical engineering, mechatronics, control engineering communities for the high quality of work. We also have considerable expertise in electronics, information technology, chemical engineering, biopharmaceuticals, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Machinery · Mechatronics

Automotive / Automotive Parts / Vibration Isolation / Vibration Control / Air Conditioning / Freezing / Belt Transmission / Industrial Machinery / Construction Materials / Construction / Steel Products / Civil Engineering / Grinding / Polishing / Electricity / Optical Cables / Mobile Terminals / Medical Machinery / Construction Machinery / Money Processing / Pest control / printing machine
...and more

Electrical and information fields

Semiconductor / system LSI / TV / printer / electric facility
...and more

Chemistry · Material · Bio fields

Battery / Semiconductors / Liquid Crystal / Textiles / Medical / Pharmaceutical / Fatty products / Water purification
...and more


Experience and Expertise

We provide global reach in various markets through our established network of foreign associates to protect our clients’ intellectual property rights.

Number of Applications

Number of applications including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks


Worldwide Network

Our worldwide network of foreign associates, with whom we have long-established and close relationships, allows our clients to obtain intellectual property protection around the world.


Number of Applications Filed in 2019-2023